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Protecting Your Investments

Avoid costly repairs and replacements with routine boat lift maintenance by the Boat Lift Doctor of Palm Coast, Florida. We highly recommend having your lift inspected and maintained every six-months to ensure its always running at peak efficiency.

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Boat Lift

Our Boat Lift Maintenance Services

Our in-depth programs include:

Detailed inspection reports!

Tighten pile mount bolts | Tighten belts and pulleys | Re-wrap cables, if necessary | Grease worn gears | Grease all bearing points on drive shaft and sheaves |Check sheaves and cables for wear.

Maintenance Schedule

• Every 6 months, the bearings & pulleys should be greased with marine grade grease.

• Regulary inspect you lift cables for broken strands or frays. If you notice a fray, give Boat Lift Doctor a call.

• Visually inspect bearings & motors for visible damage or wear.

• Visually inspect all working parts for signs of wear.

• Spray all motor parts with a corrosion prevenative lubricant at least twice a year.

seawall repair

cat bunks

Cat Bunks

Using the Barge to Set Pilings for a Lift Installation

Barge Pilings Lift Installation Barge Pilings Lift Installation In Water

A recent Boat Lift Install in a Marina using side mount brackets. This allows for the boat slips to share pilings.

Boat Lift Boat in Marina with Side Brackets Marina and Boat in Dock Boat in Marina with Side Mount Brackets

"Don't let your lift leave you hanging"

Give us a call today & ask about our service plan to extend the life of your lift. 

Boat Lift Beam and Cables

Boat Lift Pulley Boat Lift Gears and Chains

Boat Lift Support Beams

Boat In Marina Boat Lift Ramp Boat Ramp and Pilings Boat Ramp And Pilings Along the Water

Boats on Dock


We are the only business in the area with the experience necessary to repair boat and jet ski lifts. Our crew replaces cables, pulleys, cradles, bunks, and electrical motors.

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